Family and Divorce Mediation

Attorney and Mediator, Josh Lemerman, is certified by the Supreme Court of Ohio Judicial College in Family and Divorce Mediation.   With his extensive experience as an advocate for parents and children, Josh has a keen appreciation for, and understanding of, the benefits of conflict resolution for families going through divorce or separation.    Mediating with Josh will help you find non-adversarial approaches to resolving conflicts; understand the key issues in play; develop creative solutions, geared to your specific needs; and keeps control in your hands, instead of with outside authorities.

What to Expect from Mediation

Josh will meet separately with each person involved in the mediation to hear your concerns and perspectives, and to design a process for your particular situation.  You can decide to meet separately or jointly; bring attorneys or other professionals; and what materials will be used in mediation (such as financial records, case summaries, etc.)   Once mediation begins, Josh will facilitate discussions between those involved, and help with ways of resolving issues that work for everyone. These discussions lead to a Memorandum of Understanding, signed by all parties, which can then be submitted to the proper court as needed.  The process is confidential, so unless all parties agree, conversations and offers made during the mediation process cannot be used in court.


Contact Mediator Joshua Lemerman at (330) 255-0707 to schedule a consultation for Family or Divorce Mediation.