Family Law

Family law involves sensitive elements that can have a profound effect on an individual’s personal and business life. The team at Gertz & Rosen includes attorneys experienced not only in divorce, dissolution, alimony, child support, and custody, but also with business structures and valuation, tax implications, real estate, and trust and estate planning. Gertz & Rosen is uniquely positioned to protect you at these life-changing moments.

Gertz & Rosen’s team of attorneys has experience in litigating and resolving family law disputes involving multi-million dollar businesses, medical practices, farms, mineral interests, antenupital agreements, adoptions, and planning for children now and in the future. We realize that every family law matter is its own personal and emotional journey and take great care to protect our client’s interests, now and into the future.

Gary Rosen at (330) 255-0711 or Joshua Lemerman at (330) 255-0707.