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Akron Litigators

Akron Litigators

Corporate Restructuring Law

Gertz & Rosen litigators are known for successfully handling complex cases. Our attorneys have represented clients in thousands of cases at the state, federal and appellate levels, as well as in front of administrative bodies and arbitrators.

Favorable Outcomes

Our litigation strategies are personalized to meet the unique circumstances of each matter. Gertz & Rosen attorneys analyze all aspects of each dispute and work with our clients to decide on the best course of action to achieve the ideal outcome. We listen carefully to clients’ concerns to determine how we can best address the issues – through negotiation, mediation or trial.

Powerful Experience

We bring a broad range of industry knowledge and resources to each case. Our litigators have represented individuals and organizations of all sizes, from small family-owned companies to international corporations. Gertz & Rosen attorneys are skilled in areas such as commercial transactions, insurance claims, finance, manufacturing, real estate, and construction, among others.

We regularly represent organizations in:

  • Banking and finance
  • Bankruptcy adversary cases
  • Creditors’ rights
  • Fraud and fraudulent transfer
  • Commercial litigation
  • Insurance coverage disputes
  • Real estate litigation
  • Construction litigation
  • Zoning litigation
  • Probate litigation
  • Non-compete and trade secret litigation
  • Insurance litigation
  • Property damage
  • Product liability claims
  • Workout Agreements

Our goal is to avoid lengthy litigation by achieving favorable resolutions, but when necessary, our litigators aggressively try cases that cannot be resolved by any other means. It is essential to have an experienced fighter on your side. For more information, contact Colin G. Skinner at 330.458.2179.

Civil Litigation

Any individual or business can find themselves unexpectedly in litigation. Disputes can arise from almost anywhere. A customer or vendor can breach a contract, or the buyer of a home can claim an omission on a disclosure form. Tenants can fail to pay rent. If you buy anything, sell anything, or simply have neighbors, you can find yourself having to file or respond to a civil case. Gertz & Rosen has successfully prosecuted and defended civil cases in multiple counties across Ohio.

The Civil Process

The civil process in Ohio is governed by the Ohio Rules of Civil Procedure. An action is commenced by the filing of a Complaint, which is then served with a summons upon the defendant. The defendant responds to the Complaint with an answer and perhaps a counterclaim. It is not uncommon for both plaintiff and defendant to allege that each owes the other damages. After the complaint and answer, the litigation goes into the discovery phase of the litigation. This is a formal process by which each party can obtain information from the other, such as documents, potential testimony, and even physical inspections of property. After discovery, some cases go to mediation, where a court officer attempts to negotiate a settlement. If no settlement is reached, the case proceeds to a trial before a jury or perhaps a judge sitting without a jury. Every step of the process is rigidly controlled by the civil rules and the rules of evidence. These rules contain serious pitfalls for the uninitiated, as missed deadlines and violations of rules can result in adverse consequences, even the loss of a case. Having experienced counsel, such as the attorneys at Gertz & Rosen is indispensable in obtaining a good result.

The judgment is not the end of the process

If a jury and a judge rule in your favor in a civil case, they will render a judgment that says the other party owes you a sum of money as compensation for your damages. However, that judgment does not necessarily mean that the money will be paid to satisfy that judgment. It is important for a litigant to retain an attorney who knows how to collect on that judgment. Judgments can be established as liens upon the adversary’s real property and then foreclosed. The adverse party’s bank accounts or wages can be attached by court order. The Sherriff can execute upon and sell an adverse party’s personal assets. The attorneys at Gertz & Rosen have extensive experience in turning judgments into money.

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